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Project Initiation

We work with clients to build clarity around the organisational requirements and determine what a project solution could look like.


A poorly initiated project is likely to cause problems to arise at later, more impactful and costly stages.


Conversely, being clear at an early stage about what is required from the project, expected from the delivery teams and how the project is going to be taken through to completion,  can stave off issues arising down the line.

We specialise in delivering the early design stages of projects – RIBA Plan of Work 2020 Stages 0-2 – and subsequently leading projects through the latter design and construction phases, ensuring adherence to the client brief and requirements.


Alongside this early design work we help the client team structure the project governance and reporting, and help source project funding.

Our process is one of interdisciplinary collaboration.


We find that the most value can be found at earlier stages by hearing from as many perspectives as possible from the client body. We facilitate workshops, carry out semi-structured interviews and produce reports and recommendations based on our findings, providing direction and guidance for taking the next steps.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Definition of client requirements

  • Sustainability/Sustainable Development strategies

  • Business case development

  • Carrying out of Feasibility Studies

  • Development of quality site information

  • Bid writing

  • Key project documentation developed:

    • Project Brief

    • Procurement Strategy

    • Contingency management policies

    • Initial Project Budget

    • Responsibilities definition

  • Team structure review

  • Procurement of Design Team

  • Project health reports

  • End of stage performance reviews

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