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Oculus Management

Leadership, Vision and Insight

About Oculus Management

Our Story

We were founded in London with the aspiration to provide efficient and impactful leadership for the Built Environment across various sectors and disciplines. 

We work with multi-disciplinary organisations - such as Arts/Culture/Heritage Institutions, Commercial Businesses, Public Sector Bodies, Places of Worship - any organisation which could be considered complex with equally complex, often historically significant estates. We bring a unique wealth of expertise in the arena of project leadership, strategy and delivery.

We provide leadership, direction and specialist expertise to ensure organisations are equipped to design and deliver successful projects and programmes, bring about positive change and operate to their full potential.

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Our Expertise

Here’s What We Provide

Project Vision and Direction


The Golden Thread

We exist to be the link between initial vision and getting a project safely and soundly on its way for success. 

We will work with you early on to define why you need a project, lead the designers to fully determine what this could look like, and advise on how this is best achieved, always ensuring the objectives and aspirations are paramount throughout.

Team Building and Leadership


Greater than the sum of our parts

By representing the client's best interests while championing inter-disciplinary working and collaboration, we ensure an efficient and dedicated delivery team is built, maximising value for the project.


We carry out similar work during the end of a project's delivery phase to ensure successful service mobilisation and team integration.

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Contracts and Procurement


Price is what you pay, value is what you get

We specialise in developing procurement strategies to ensure fit for purpose solutions in resourcing your project.


Procurement and contractual arrangements should support the project or operational vision and intention, and subsequently promote successful execution. This means defining exactly what is required and how it is to be delivered which should result in clear arrangements, leading to fruitful relationships.

Organisational Insight


The more reflective we are the more effective we are

We will work with the client teams to jointly determine any gaps in knowledge and areas of opportunity and  potentiality.

We will take a strategic view of the existing capability, help tailor the internal teams and processes, lead you through the change and bring about a culture which performs to its potential.

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Get in Touch

If you have any queries or would like to discuss your requirements informally, we at Oculus Management would love to hear from you.

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